Contoura Vision Surgery

Overview: Contoura Eye Surgery

Contoura LASIK Surgery is the FDA-approved cutting-edge innovation in spectacle removal technologies that uses laser vision correction. In addition to correcting your specs power, the Contoura procedure corrects corneal abnormalities and works on the visual axis, delivering remarkable visual outcomes. After Contoura vision surgery, many patients can see clearer than before, even without their glasses. There is also significantly less glare around the lights.

The Topolyser offers unrivalled diagnostic accuracy to detect minor irregularities in the cornea's curvature. Compared to the currently existing wavefront-guided LASIK, which measures roughly 200 points, Contoura Vision Surgery delivers an incredible measurement of 22,000 points. Because the topography evaluations are precise, treatments have to be highly personalized. Consequently, this technique is a good option for correcting refractive errors. This way, you don't have to stay dependent on contact lenses or glasses for sharp vision.

Why Choose Centre for Sight for Contoura Eye Surgery?

Sharp, Clear Vision

Superb Results. 99.4% of patients were highly satisfied

Excellent Night Vision. Many patients achieve excellent night vision

Quick Results. Often, patients can achieve improved vision immediately following the procedure

Can be done at any age

US FDA–Approved

Pain – Less

No Injections

No Hospitalization

Walk-in – Walk Out Specs Free

No injection is used

Fewer side effects

According to clinical trial statistics, nearly 90% of patients saw as well or better without glasses after surgery as they did with glasses.

How is Contoura Eye surgery performed?

Contoura Eye surgery is increasingly becoming a popular vision correction treatment option for people all around the country. It is a quick, painless same-day surgery, helping you gain excellent vision in 15 to 20 minutes.

Pre-Operative Eye Exam

A comprehensive preliminary assessment is performed, including a clinical examination and corneal topography (Pentacam), to determine the patient's eligibility and safety for the Contoura LASIK surgery. If any retinal defects (such as thinning/hole/tear) are discovered during the evaluation, they are treated with a barrage laser first, and then Contoura is performed after 1 to 4 weeks.

During the Procedure

On the day of surgery, the topolyser collects the patient's topographic imagery, which is then sent to the treatment planning station to develop the personalized treatment profile. The laser will adjust your vision by accurately reshaping your cornea based on up to 22,000 elevation points, guided by your individualized topography profile.

Post Procedure

After 30 minutes, the patient is free to exit the hospital. Eye drops are used to prevent infection and aid in the healing process. The patient is evaluated the day following the procedure and one week and one month after that.

Am I a suitable candidate for Contoura Eye Surgery?

Not every patient is a good fit for LASIK or Contoura LASIK surgery. An experienced ophthalmologist must perform a thorough eye exam and health history to ensure that a patient will benefit from the treatment. The highly skilled eye doctors at Centre for Sight assess each patient's unique eye condition and recommend a treatment plan that gives a significant visual outcome.

Nonetheless, the following are the few eligibility requirements for patients to undergo this procedure.

  • The patient must be over the age of 18.
  • He must have a consistent prescription for eyewear and 3D cyl. Power.
  • His cornea shouldn't be too thin.
  • His spherical power should not be greater than 8D.
  • He should not have any significant corneal pathology.

Looking for the best Contoura Eye surgery in India?

Centre for Sight is a Leading Indian eye care hospital in Delhi NCR, providing complete refractive solutions like Contoura Vision Surgery or regular LASIK surgery. Our team of eye surgeons is among the most experienced in India when it comes to delivering the best Contoura Eye surgery. If you're looking for the best Contoura Vision surgery in Delhi NCR, go no further than Centre for Sight. Our eye hospitals can be found in various cities.

What is Contoura Vision Surgery cost in India?

As you explore your vision correction needs and consult with your doctor about which surgery would provide the vision correction you need, pricing will definitely play a significant role in your decision.

Many factors determine the Contoura Vision Surgery cost in India. It consists of the advanced technology and specialized equipment used in Contoura LASIK surgery. However, the price of the operation includes the ophthalmologist's training and experience. Only a few eye experts in India have received the necessary training and expertise to perform this treatment. Centre for Sight is a Leading Indian eye care hospital providing Contoura Vision Surgery. If you search "Contoura Vision Surgery near me," you will be able to identify the Centre for Sight branches where you may get through the procedure.

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