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Our Eye Specialist

Dr. Abhilasha Baharani
Nampally , Hyderabad
Dr. Abhishek Sethia
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Dr. Ajit Babu Majji
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Dr. Bhupendra Singh Chauhan
Jodhpur , Rajasthan
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Our Eye Specialities

Are you on a lookout for the best eye care hospital? Do you end up typing 'Eye hospital near me'on Google search? Then, we are here to resolve your queries. Centre for Sight works relentlessly to provide its patients with complete eye care solutions. We follow best practices and depend on continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology to treat your eyes with the utmost precision and care. As the leading eye care hospital chain in India, we assure you to provide standardized care and a personalised experience for our patients.

Are you also quizzing about 'Eye specialist near me' or 'Eye care centre near me'? CFS is your one-stop solution for all those confusions that are bugging you. We offer a full range of modern ophthalmic treatments. We have state-of-the-art hospitals to bring the most advanced vision care near you. When you associate with Centre for Sight, you are given a holistic approach to any eye problem.

Our 45 centres across India have the best eye specialists who concentrate on the right diagnosis first and then prioritizes correct treatment. Be it SMILE surgery, LASIK surgery, keratoconus treatment, etc.; we aim to restore your perfect vision.
With over two decades of existence, all the Delhi NCR hospitals of Centre for Sight house avant-garde diagnostic and treatment facilities. People have come to trust our hospital over these years for the treatment of sight-threatening diseases like Cataract, Glaucoma, Uveitis, Keratoconus, and Retina problems.

Centre for Sight was established with a mission to provide the best quality of comprehensive eye care with a personal touch. It has gradually established itself as the best eye hospital in India, where a team of skilled and experienced doctors is equipped with the latest surgical and diagnostic technology that offers successful treatments. Thousands of satisfied patients have benefited from our services. The doctors at CFS check the complete health of the eyes; we cater to all sorts of eye care services.
So next time when you’re wondering about questions like ‘Lasik surgery near me’ or the best ‘Eye surgeon near me’, then you know which is the most exceptional place to go. We are always in service for comprehensive eye care. 

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