Dr. Subodh Kumar Sinha

Dr. Subodh Kumar Sinha
25+ Years of Experience
Gurgaon, Delhi 
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Specialties of Dr. Subodh Kumar Sinha

LASIK & Refractive Surgery
Cataract Surgery
Glaucoma Treatment

Qualification of Dr. Subodh Kumar Sinha

-    MBBS
-    MS
-    MSc (ICEH)

Experience of Dr. Subodh Kumar Sinha

-    Previously worked as Senior Consultant and Joint director in Venu Eye Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi.
-    Performed more than 40,000 various types of eye surgeries

Research and Designation held of Dr. Subodh Kumar Sinha

Involved in teaching & training programs (ECCE, SICS & PHACO), Paramedic training, CBP training AND Management personal training
Participated in many clinical trials and nonclinical research projects and published many articles in peer reviewed journals.
Participated in many National and International conferences and workshops as Resource person, Involved in evaluation of many eye care systems

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Dr. Subodh Kumar Sinha

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