Dr. JB Singh

Dr. JB Singh
35+ Years of Experience
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Specialties of Dr. JB Singh

LASIK & Refractive Surgery
Cataract Surgery
Glaucoma Treatment
Computer Vision Syndrome

Qualifications of Dr. JB Singh


Experience of Dr. JB Singh

-   Both, graduation and PG from AFMC Pune. (1982)

-    Served in the Armed Forces as eye specialist for 18 years.Notable amongst other postings was tenure at Command Hospital Air Force Bengaluru

-   Last posting before I left service in 2001, I was a senior classified ophthalmologist at AHRR and then Base Hospital Delhi cantt. This involved guiding PGs for MS and DNB. 

-   Did a 7 year stint as a Lasik surgeon with Belhoul Apollo Hospital in UAE. 2004-11.

Research and Designation held of Dr. JB Singh

-  Currently Senior Consultant with CFS since 2011.

Awards and Recognition of Dr. JB Singh

-  Awarded the HQ Northern Command Medal for standing First in Advanced Ophthalmology course for Grading (1980-1982) at AFMC 

-  Awarded Commendation by Chief of Air Staff while serving in Command Hospital Air Force Bengaluru on the 26 th of January 1992.

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